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Solar Development

Inovateus Solar provides high-quality, personalized solar development services for commercial, industrial and utility solar projects throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. With our broad network of solar finance options and our Inovateus EPC services, we deliver the most value for your solar investments. Learn more about our services for utilities, co-ops and IPPs.

Solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Services

Inovateus Solar is one of the Midwest’s leading commercial, industrial and utility solar EPC providers. Our licensed engineers have designed and built a variety of solar installations, from commercial big-box store rooftops to ground-mounted utility-scale power plants to island microgrids to agricultural solar farms. We specialize in working with businesses, state and utility officials, and solar developers to meet their sustainability and renewable investment goals.

Inovateus’ integrated, cross-functional project teams provide an all-inclusive approach to developing and managing large solar projects. We take care of it all—from proposal development to predesign to permitting to design to engineering and construction to pre-commissioning, commissioning, final inspection and interconnection. Our network of strategic subcontractor partners helps us ensure that the highest level of expertise and professionalism will be employed on every Inovateus project.

Learn more about our EPC solar services for businesses, industry, and municipalities.

Solar Supply and Distribution

Since 2008, Inovateus Solar has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of top-tier solar modules, inverters and balance-of-system components. In addition to testing and training, we’re confident in the products’ high quality and bankability because we use them for our own commercial and utility projects. Learn more about our Inovateus solar installer partner services , our solar products, and how to get pricing.