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Experienced Solar Partners

Inovateus Solar understands that utilities and power producers are responsible for providing reliable, cost-effective electricity to their ratepayers.

We are experienced utility partners with solar projects in 16 states and the Caribbean, so you can be confident that the Inovateus team will build your project using the most bankable products to fully meet your goals, regulations, and requirements.

  • NABCEP certified installers. Our team doesn’t just sit behind a desk. We are out in the field, installing, commissioning, and maintaining solar systems every day.
  • Design and engineering services. Our engineering staff is comprised of several licensed electrical engineers, who can currently stamp electrical designs in more than 25 states.
  • Technology. As a leading Midwest solar supplier, Inovateus selects the highest quality bankable solar modules, inverters, and balance of system components for our own projects. We won’t risk your bottom line or our reputation on an unproven product.
  • Safety. Safety is extremely important to Inovateus. We are current with all OSHA work standards and insist on a safe work environment for all of our jobs.
  • Financing. Inovateus works with several financial institutions to fund the gamut of utility-scale projects. Contact us for more information.

Maximum Solar Value Delivered On Schedule

While every large-scale power producer has its own set of unique goals, Inovateus Solar understands that utilities must deliver the most reliable kilowatt-hours of electricity for the lowest cost to their investors and ratepayers. Increasingly, solar technology and eventually energy storage must compete with the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of traditional energy sources.

To meet these expectations, Inovateus uses a comprehensive approach to design, engineering, procurement and construction. Beyond our NABCEP expertise and solar design optimization software, we fully evaluate environmental impact, import tariffs, financing options, government grants and tax incentives, site preparation, and the costs of grid integration at the site, as well as any local and national clean energy policies that may reduce LCOE.

To reduce the risk of delays in construction, Inovateus’ onsite project managers ensure that each solar power plant we build is delivered on schedule and on budget.

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