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For Business, Government, and Nonprofit Facility Managers

As a leading solar developer and integrator with projects in 16 states and the Caribbean, Inovateus Solar has enabled IKEA, Walgreens, Ford, Blue Cross, and other businesses, large and small, to cut their energy expenses and improve profitability, while also reducing their carbon footprint.

More information can be found below on how Inovateus helps nonresidential building and facility owners to benefit from installing solar. For more specific information about costs and financing for your business, nonprofit, or municipality, please contact us.

Many Kinds of Businesses Are Going Solar

Retail stores, data centers, warehouses, and distribution centers are leading the growth in U.S. commercial solar, but manufacturers, hotels, educational institutions, office buildings, and agriculture are increasingly installing solar as well.

Beyond capturing savings on operational expenses, many of these companies are also deciding to go solar in order to show their commitment to sustainable business practices and reducing their carbon footprint.

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Why Businesses Are Going Solar Now

According to the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), there was a 59% increase over the number of commercial and industrial installations in 2015 compared to the previous year, and it’s expected that this trend will continue through 2016 and beyond.

The reasons for the dramatic increase in commercial- and industrial-scale solar can mainly be attributed to the rapid decline of solar component and installation costs, low-capital cost financing, and the significant utility savings and resultant boost in profitability provided by commercial solar over the 20-year-plus lifetime of the system.

In fact, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reports that overall solar installation costs have decreased by 50% since 2009, while federal tax incentives have remained stable, adding to the installation cost reductions. As a result, some solar system owners are seeing a return on their investment within a matter of a few years.

Your costs for going solar will depend on many factors, including your location, the size of your solar system, your current utility rate, the range of local, state and federal incentives available, and the types of financing offered. To find out whether a cash purchase, loan, power purchase agreement, or lease would be the right choice for financing solar for your facilities, contact Inovateus for a free estimate.

Different Types of Solar Installations: Solar Rooftops, Parking Canopies, and Ground-Mount

There are several ways to install a commercial-scale solar system. At Inovateus, our design team first listens to your goals and then incorporates these notes into designing and engineering a solar energy system that meets your business, aesthetic, and sustainability needs. Here are the main types of commercial-scale solar system configurations.

Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar installations are the most common and generally the most economical way to install solar for businesses. With options such as roof-attached and ballasted solar array configurations, this type of design allows warehouses, factories, and retail businesses to utilize their rooftops to generate solar power for their daily operations.

Solar Parking Canopy

Solar canopy installations are ideal for businesses that have a large parking area or an existing parking structure with plenty of unobstructed sunshine on top. Not only can solar parking canopies generate power for nearby buildings, they also provide shade in the summer and the potential for electric car charging stations. They’re also good for businesses that have limited rooftop space or roofs that have obstructions or that cannot support the weight of a large solar system.

Ground-Mount Solar

Some businesses, such as agricultural enterprises and industrial concerns, have large unused pieces of property located near their operations. When these locations are optimal, ground-mounted solar arrays can be installed and interconnected to the grid or to a nearby facility. Sometimes these solar installations have tracker systems that follow the sun throughout the day and offer a way to maximize the power generated from the solar resource.

Solar Plus Energy Storage

While not as common as grid-tied solar systems, some businesses may find advantages to installing solar in combination with a battery-based energy storage system. The main advantage for storage is financial. Optimized solar-plus-storage systems can reduce high utility demand charges as well as provide other rate-based time-of use advantages for an increasing number of businesses.

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Why Famous and Not-So-Famous Brands Go Solar with Inovateus

With commercial solar projects in 16 states, Inovateus Solar has won the trust of global brands as well as small businesses, towns, and universities. Our years of expertise in solar project development and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) are part of the reason for this success. Other reasons include competitive costs, flexible financing, and personal attention from every team member.

Regardless of the scale of the solar project or the size of your company, the Inovateus team delivers the same level of expertise and personalized service. We genuinely care about each and every client and their goals for reducing energy costs for their businesses, while helping the world build a brilliant clean energy tomorrow.

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