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Inovateus Board of Directors


Ashley BrickleyAshley Brickley

Ashley is the president of Logistick, Inc., and LogiKan Group, the parent company of Logistick and Kando Properties. She has been active in Logistick since 2004, serving as executive vice president before becoming president in 2011. The company has seen steady annual growth and celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2016. She earned a BA in art and design with emphasis in graphic design from DePaul University.

Ashley has been an integral participant in the formation and operation of Inovateus Solar and serves as secretary and an investor in Kanczuzewski Solar Holdings, the majority owner of Inovateus Solar. As a board member, she serves as a liaison to the Kanczuzewski ownership group and provides the board an ability to implement swift decisions and offer meaningful insights.


Gary GigotGary Gigot

Gary is the co-founder and CEO of Vennli, a choice visualization and analytics platform company. After beginning his career with 16 years in the advertising industry, his executive resume includes Microsoft, where he served as vice president of marketing, and Visio, where he was chief marketing officer, as well as consultative and board positions at Optimum Energy, Sesame Communications and DocuSign. Gary was also an investor and board member of Aprimo, a leading marketing management software company. He is the benefactor of the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Notre Dame. Gary holds a BBA in marketing from Notre Dame and a MA in advertising from Michigan State University.

Gary has extensive experience in helping companies scale up and serving on various boards. He provides insights regarding the Inovateus company structure, marketing and sales strategies, key hires and capital requirements. His work with software-based companies brings a fresh perspective to opportunities in the solar energy realm. Engaged in regional business development, Gary also helps promote Inovateus efforts within the community.


George HowardGeorge Howard

George is professor emeritus in the University of Notre Dame’s Department of Psychology and has spent his career researching assertion training, communication skills, interviewing skills, teaching improvement and social skills. His credentials also include work as a Faculty Fellow for the Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, and the Institute for Educational Initiatives. George is the author of more than 200 publications, including Stan Ovshinsky and the Hydrogen Economy: Creating a Better World. George has a BA in psychology from Marist College, an MA in learning psychology from Southern Illinois University, and a PhD in counseling psychology from Southern Illinois.

A part-owner of Inovateus, George has been engaged with the Inovateus team since 2006 and was a pivotal force behind the company’s solar energy focus. With a deep understanding of the Inovateus history, purpose and evolving strategy, he uses knowledge from his academic research to provide input, direction and decisions to initiatives that will further strengthen the company.


TJ KanczuzewskiTJ Kanczuzewski

TJ is a founding member and current president of Inovateus Solar and oversees the company’s operations. He is also the president and an investor in Kanczuzewski Solar Holdings, the majority owner of Inovateus. Since 2007, TJ has been an active speaker at leading solar conferences as well as a thought leader on the Inovateus Solar blog and in published articles on Greentech Media and other media outlets. Before his career at Inovateus, TJ was the first sustainability manager at General Growth Properties. He also serves on the Fernwood Botanical Gardens board. He has a BA in business management from Columbia College (Chicago).

In his role as president, TJ reports to the board and manages the documentation, initiatives and agendas under review. As a board participant, TJ also provides market updates and insights, makes recommendations on company strategy, and works with the board on the direction of the company.


Tim SutherlandTim Sutherland

Tim is founder, chairman and CEO of Middleburg Capital Development. Before forming Middleburg Capital, he was the founder, chairman and CEO of Pace Global Energy Services, LLC, a leading global energy consulting and management firm that was established in 1976 and acquired by Siemens Industries in 2011. While serving as CEO of Pace Global, he maintained long-term relationships in the United States and abroad, supporting clients in the energy, manufacturing, material processing, financial and infrastructure development sectors. Tim is a Fellow of the University of Notre Dame and a member of the school’s board of trustees, where he serves as chairman of the finance committee. He earned a BA from Knox College and an MBA from New York University.

Tim brings to the board a vast amount of knowledge in the energy sector from his work at Pace Global, where he was a driving force behind the strategy and operations for more than 35 years. In addition to helping the board plan for the future, Tim’s work with Middleburg Capital Development assists Inovateus’ potential capital needs from an operational and project ownership perspective.